About DayMyWay

One day I was preparing to go to China but I knew nothing about how people live out there - what do they eat, how they work, and generally how do they spend their time!
So thought it would be interesting to have a website where everybody could discover how other people live - the President or any other person - how do they spend their day!

So I decided to create a website called - where people can post their day stories with pictures and comments throughout the day, and other people can see that.

I hope within some time after is launched, it will become pretty easy for everybody (definitely if the person wants!) to share their life days in the way they live it! With DayMyWay the world will become border-less - people will make friends!

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  • Thu, 15:33: @WiSpots Kevin, are you open to win-win deals with startup entrepreneurs? We would like to publish a featured story about you and your biz
  • Thu, 15:41: here at #daymyway we are contacting celebrities and rising stars now. Whose day story would you like to read first?
  • Fri, 11:47: Get prepared your cameras and phones. Tomorrow is Saturday - nice day to start taking shots of your day for @daymyway day story!
  • Fri, 11:52: Hi @rosalieinc I've just dropped you a msg at you website. @onvycarious + @daymyway = LIKE?

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some updates

Today we made a redesign of the landing page of
Yesterday as we found out today in the morning submitted email addresses did not write into database. So please if you left your email yesterday - please leave you address once again. We promise we do not spam! We hate it too!

One more nice thing is that we are gathering replies from people supporting our idea. The list of future day publishers is growing! We can't wait the first day stories to come.
Alena's day was translated and published as sneak-peek - and more days to come until we open a beta version when you guys will be able to publish your days!

We get nice feedback so we'll do our best to make day submission as easy as possible! No more hassle and mess with your day photos!

Keep posted! Let us know if you have ideas!

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Some research

Hey, guys!
One of my friends told me there is a community of Russian-speaking people here in LiveJournal who are posting their day-stories with photos.
Those are great news! I am so excited that there are people like me who are ready to share the day our way!

I hope that they will support when I launch it! it will be so fun!

By the way, I think there is everything in Russian so that other people would not understand all those great posts. probably I should make so people can share days in several languages and make friends from all over the World!

Please if you find my idea with DayMyWay awesome - add Likes on DayMyWay Facebook community and re-tweet! I will be really thankful for any kind of opinions!
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